Vanessa Grey Hair Shades For All Colours Of Brown Rubies & Ravens

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Know your shade exactly!

This product is designed to help you decide once and for all your exact shade match.

This colour shade ring shows the Browns, Rubies and Raven shades.

New with tags, unused.

There is another colour ring available for Blonds, Reds and Greys.

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Vanessa Grey Hair Shades For All Colours Of Brown Rubies & Ravens

Product Code: RI-Brown-Set


Hi girls, we've all been there, studying the monitor, trying to work out if it's a match for your own particular and very personal shade of Copper Red/Chocolate Brown/Champagne Blond/Near Black/Silver Grey. Well the truth it's very difficult to match a shade on a computer screen, also quite often, a shade will change whether it's under electric light, day light, bright sun light or subdued light. Also, different suppliers have many shade variations, the reason for this is usually poor quality and variable dye batches. As a forward looking innovator, I've decided to release, the industry standard colour dye swatches. So you can know exactly once and for all your own particular shade of Platinum Blond or Chestnut Brown. This particular add shows the Red tones and the Blonds, Greys and Reds, there is another listing for Browns, Rubies and Raven. I also advise you to learn my 'VanessaGreyHair' shade guidelines: 24/613 is a Honey/Bleach Blond Mix 24T613 is a Honey Blond with Bleach Blond TIPS 24H613 is Honey Blond with Highlights running through the piece 24L18 is Honey Blond with (Brown in this case) Lowlights running through the piece. Sometimes they can be combined, so... 18H24T613 is a Medium Brown Base with Honey Blond Highlights and Bleach Blond TIPS The beauty of this product is that you can keep it for yourself, your friends and your family. So whenever your unsure check the swatch ring then come to me. The really cool thing is I can even take orders off of the colours you give me!