Our Selection of Wonderful Hair Braids

Pile up your own super plaits put your own hair into a low bun then secure extra large braid three inches back from your hair line. Braids are still a huge trend - so for instant boho glamour, pop on a plait headband! Plaited headbands are fabulous to wear on bob length hair, when the hair is just too short to make into a plait that would reach from one side of the head to the other. Plait headbands are also perfect for people with fine hair, they will give you a modern style without you having to use up your own hair! Experiment by wearing your plait headband with different hair styles. Secure with hair grips if your hair is a little slippy. Shorter hairs, will stick out and will show a little more on the darker braids. That makes the look of the braids exactly like real hair. Wind your own hair over the elastic at the back if you want to make an updo look. This is also a great look for weddings, special occasions and even kids. Following on from the Chunky Braid we also introduce the open ended Thin Braid, this wonderful product has two open ended clasps so you can create your own styles. Try styling it backwards for a unique take on a Fantasy style or go forwards for a more traditional look. As its open ended it gives you the possibility to mess around and play with dozens of different trends