Bun Up Do Side Bun Ballerina Tight Or Messy Honey Blond Brown Mix Or Even Top Knot

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Lovely Natural Looking - Instant Elegant Style - Faux Ballerina Updo or Messy Bun

Colour shown is colour 24BT18 - Blond Brown Mix

Synthetic Fibres - Japanese kanekalon. The quality of my pieces is such that you cannot tell the difference between them and real hair!

New with tags, very comfortable easy to use and tight secure fit. An instant hair boost!

If you are looking for something in a more sixties style. We also do Super Buns with 30% more body, just search through the Vanessa Grey store!

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Bun Up Do Side Bun Ballerina Tight Or Messy Honey Blond Brown Mix Or Even Top Knot



Ballerina Updo or Messy Bun - This item has strawberry/honey blonde which runs through to a lighter base against the natural hair. This appealing little messy bun can be styled in the classic Ballerina look . Or why not try the celbrity side bun look This type of faux bun is low maintenance and can be styled differently depending on the desired result. The bun can be styled to obtain an elegant and classic updo, appropriate for formal events or it can be styled to obtain a more casual side or back bun, hairstyle. Even on quite short hair the faux side bun will work, as long as you have enough hair to pull into a little pony. It looks gorgeous on sleek straight hair with side swept or straight across bangs, but it can be styled on curly hair too. For the side bun look,the hair needs to be combed and gathered slightly on one side of the head around the nape of the neck. Secure with a hair band. Use the combs in the faux bun, to secure it to your hair. then pull the drawstring tight. Wrap the extra drawstring round and round the base of the bun and secure with a bobby pin or hair grip. The bun will stay secure as it is now fixed on firm. You can use the same method to fix on a top bun.